Smarty DNS

If you’re thinking about connecting to the Netflix or Hulu that you enjoyed in Canada/US while in Oz you might have to think again.

Unfortunately Hulu and Netflix aren’t able to be accessed from Australia. So this makes it difficult for those of you who want to catch up on your TV shows from North America or Europe will have to use Smarty DNS.

Smarty DNS allows you to create a free SMART DNS trial account for 14 days so you can try it out. It also allows you to unblock Netflix and Hulu so that you can access them with without even slowing your internet speeds down! This is much better then a VPN service which can cause problems with streaming if it’s not fast.

How does the technology work? Essentially this website tells Hulu or Netflix that you are in the US, and then after that you connect to them DIRECTLY with your internet connection. So therefore there’s no slow down in speed.

So head on over to Smarty DNS and give them a shot!

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